Artistic Bio (resumé)



                                                DAVID A. CHAMBERLAIN      

                                                primary phone  (315)-553-2326






                                    MFA                 University of Pennsylvania  1977

                                                                        Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography

                                    BA                    Princeton University  1971

                                                                        Architecture & Design

                                    MLA                 University of Colorado  2002

                                                                        Landscape Architecture & Design   

                                   Certificate          Colorado College   1973

                                                                        Teaching Studio Art Institute

                                    Diplôme            Centre Audio Visuel Langues Modernes   1972

                                                                        Vichy, France                                                                





Solo Shows                               Muse a Muse' Gallery,  Tokyo,  Japan   1997, 1999

                                                Consulate of Japan,  San Francisco, CA   1999, 1998

                                                Retrospective: "Solos, Duets & Concertos"  Muskegon Art Museum,  MI   1996

                                                "Duetts"  Delaware Museum of Art,  Wilmington, DE  1995

                                                MacLaren/Markowitz Gallery,  Boulder,  CO   1991

                                                Retrospective:  McKissick Museum of Art,  Columbia, SC   1990

                                                Retrospective:  The Art Complex Museum,  Duxbury, MA   1988

                                                Pucker Gallery,  Boston, MA   1981, 1984, 1988

                                                Gibson Gallery,  SUNY at Potsdam, NY    1987

                                                Arlene McDaniel Galleries,  Simsbury, CT   1986

                                                Lyme Academy of Fine Arts,  Old Lyme, CT   1985, 1986

                                                Gallerie Obussier,  Nantucket, MA   1985

                                                New Acquisitions Gallery,  Syracuse, NY   1983

                                                Everson Museum of Art,  Syracuse, NY   1983


            Representation               Artisan’s Loft Gallery,  Pultneyville, NY  2011-

                                                Art Services International,  Westport, CT  2007-

                                                Art3Gallery,  Manchester, NH   2010-

                                                Alpers Fine Arts,  Andover, MA   1998-

                                                Renjeau Gallery,  Natick/Wellesley,  MA  2008-

                                                Edgewater Gallery,  Middlebury, VT and Greenwich, CT  2009-

                                                Fast One Frame & Gallery,  Wethersfield, CT  2006-

                                                Clark Gallery,  Lincoln, MA   2008-

                                                McGrath & Braun,  Denver, CO   2000-

                                                MacLaren/Markowitz Gallery,  Boulder & Broomfield, CO   1990-

                                                Renjeau Gallery,  Concord, MA   1989-

                                                Spheris Gallery,  Walpole, NH   1997-

                                                Llynn Strong Gallery,  Greenville, SC  1997-

                                                JRS Gallery,  Providence, RI   1993-

                                                Art Thomas Gallery,  Charleston, SC   1994-1997

                                                Pucker Gallery,  Boston, MA   1979-2000

                                                Summer Duets   Brooks Center for the Arts, Clemson Univ.  1997, 1998

                                                New Directions: Contemporary Art from the Currier  Currier Museum  1994

                                                New Acquisitions:  DeCordova Museum of Art  1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2000

                                                Aspen Grove Fine Arts,  Aspen, CO  1993-1998

                                                Arlene McDaniel Galleries,  Simsbury, CT   1985-1996

                                                Madison Avenue Gallery,  Memphis, TN   1996                              

                                                Miller Gallery,  Cincinatti, OH   1992

                                                Joanne Lyon Galleries,  Aspen, CO   1989-1991

                                                National Invitational Sculpture Show  [Biennial],  Hartford, CT  1987-1993

                                                Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood,   Stockbridge, MA  1986, 1987, 1988

                                                CAFA Exhibition, New Britain Museum of Art,  New Britain, CT  1986

                                                Saratoga Gallery of Fine Art,  Saratoga, NY   1985, 1986

                                                New Acquisitions Gallery,  Syracuse, NY   1984, 1986

                                                Main Street Gallery,  Nantucket, MA   1986

                                                Gallery on the Green,  Lexington, MA   1986-1989

                                                Richard Green Gallery,  Guilford, CT   1986

                                                Mitchell Museum of Art,  Mount Vernon, IL  1983

                                                Kendall Gallery,  Wellfleet, MA   1982, 1983

                                                Grimaldis Gallery,  Baltimore, MD   1980

                                                Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts,  NY   1975

Recent Regional                         Arts & Cultural Council Gallery   2010 - 2012        

                                                ROCO Gallery  (Rochester Contemporary)   2010 - 2012

                                                Rochester Print Club   2011, 2012 


Commissions                 International Snow Sculpture Competition, Breckinridge, CO

                                                Leaning Out for Love   2010

                                                Cold Hands, Warm Heart   2008

                                                Cool Jazz  (Silver Medal)  2007                                                    

                                                Operhall Suite;  [Series of 6 original works]  Muskegon Museum of Art   1994

                                                Symphony Suite;  Gibbes Museum & Charleston Symphony Orchestra  1994

                                                Gospel Suite in F;  New England Conservatory of Music,  Boston, MA   1994

                                                Eroica;   Morgridge Auditorium,  University of Wisconsin,  Madison, WI   1992

                                                Balletté;   Southworth Library,  Canton College,  Canton, NY   1991

                                                A Une Passante;   Wallace Library,  Wheaton College,  Norton, MA   1991

                                                Festivale;   K. B. K. Foundation,  Boston, MA   1990

                                                A Une Passante;   SUNY Potsdam,  Potsdam, NY   1989

                                                Balletté;   Ensign-Bickford Corp.,  Simsbury, CT   1987 

                                                Torus;   Stratus Computer, Inc.,  Marlboro, MA   1986

                                                Rondella;   BNWC,  Brandeis University,  Waltham, MA   1985

                                                Viole, Ayre;  Asset Management, Inc.,  Essex, CT  1983

                                                Cantata;   Horne Library,  Babson College,  Wellesley, MA   1981





              Museums                     Art Complex Museum,  Duxbury, MA

                                                Ashmolean Museum,  Oxford University,  England

                                                Asian Art Museum,  San Francisco, CA

                                                British Museum,  London,  England

                                                Columbia Museum of Art,  Columbia, SC

                                                Currier Gallery & Museum,  Manchester, NH

                                                Danforth Museum,  Framingham, MA

                                                Davis Museum of Art,  Wellesley, MA

                                                DeCordova Museum,  Lincoln, MA

                                                Delaware Museum of Art,  Wilmington, DE

                                                Denver Art Museum,  Denver, CO

                                                Detroit Institute of Arts,  Detroit, MI

                                                Everson Museum of Art,  Syracuse, NY

                                                Farnsworth Museum of Art,  Rockland, ME

                                                Fine Arts Center at Cheekwood,  Nashville,TN

                                                Fitzwilliam Museum,  Cambridge University,  England

                                                Gibbes Museum of Art,  Charleston, SC

                                                Gibson Gallery & Museum,  SUNY Potsdam, NY

                                                Greenville County Art Museum,  Greenville, SC

                                                Hara Museum of Contemporary Art,  Tokyo,  Japan

                                                Johnson Museum of Art,  Ithaca, NY

                                                McKissick Museum of Art,  Columbia, SC

                                                Memorial Art Gallery,  Rochester, NY

                                                Minneapolis Institute of Art,  Minneapolis, MN

                                                Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS

                                                Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute of Art,  Utica, NY

                                                Museum of Fine Arts,  Boston, MA

                                                Museum of Fine Arts,  Springfield, MA

                                                Muskegon Museum of Art,  Muskegon, MI

                                                National Museum of American Art,  Washington, DC

                                                Nelson Museum of Art,  Kansas City, MO

                                                New Britain Museum of American Art,  New Britain, CT

                                                Portland Museum of Art,  Portland, ME

                                                Portland Art Museum,  Portland, OR

                                                Princeton University Art Museum,  Princeton, NJ

                                                Rose Art Museum,  Waltham, MA

                                                San Diego Museum,  San Diego, CA

                                                Smith College Museum of Art,  Northampton, MA

                                                Taylor Museum/CSFAC,  Colorado Springs, CO

                                                University of Michigan Museum of Art,  Ann Arbor, MI

                                                Victoria & Albert Museum,  London,  England

                                                Wadsworth Athenaeum,  Hartford, CT

                                                Williams College Museum of Art,  Williamstown, MA

                                                Yale University Art Gallery,  New Haven, CT


            Institutions                    American Embassy,  Tokyo, Japan

            (selected)                      Arjo Wiggins/Arches S.A.,  Annonay, France

                                                Bank of America,  Boston, MA

                                                Boso Yusi  Company,  Tokyo, Japan

                                                Boston Ballet,  Boston, MA

                                                Canadian Foreign Ministry,  Ottawa, Canada

                                                Chase Manhattan Bank,  Vietnam

                                                Clay Center for the Performing Arts,  Charleston, WV

                                                Embassy of Japan,  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

                                                Embassy of Japan,  Paris, France

                                                FIA Institute,  Tokyo, Japan

                                                Fidelity Ventures & Associates,  Boston, MA

                                                Frederik Meijer Sculpture Gardens,   Grand Rapids, MI

                                                Gauteng Legislature,   Gauteng, South Africa

                                                German Embassy to Vietnam,  Hanoi, Vietnam

                                                Helix Technology Corporation,  Longmont, CO

                                                Ito-En Company,  Tokyo, Japan

                                                JAFCO America Ventures,  Boston, Palo Alto, Tokyo

                                                Japanese Consulates:  Boston, MA;  Atlanta, GA;  San Francisco, CA

                                                Japanese Foreign Ministry,  Tokyo, Japan

                                                Japan External Trade Organization,  New York, Tokyo

                                                Kepner-Tregoe Company,  Princeton, NJ

                                                Kobe Steel, Ltd,.  Tokyo, Kobe

                                                MIT MediaLab, Cambridge, MA

                                                Mochida Medicines, Inc.,  Tokyo

                                                Monsanto, European Division,  Brussels, Belgium

                                                New England Conservatory of Music,  Boston, MA

                                                Nueva Set-Kei, Inc.  Tokyo, Japan

                                                Opinion Research Company,  Princeton, NJ

                                                PAR Associates, Inc.,  Boston, MA

                                                Price, Waterhouse & Company,  Greenwich, CT

                                                Princeton Club of Japan,  Tokyo, Japan

                                                Saint Joseph's Heart Hospital,  Lexington, KY

                                                Spencer, Fane & Browne;  Shugert & Thomson,  Kansas City, MO

                                                Temple Society of Concord,  Syracuse, NY

                                                T. Rowe Price, Inc.,  Colorado Springs, CO 

                                                University of Wisconsin School of Business,  Madison, WI

                                                Vietnam Embassy to Canada,  Ottawa, Canada

                                                Yankelovich, Skelly & White,  Stamford, CT





            Visiting Professor — Design  [Associate Professor, one-year appointment]                    2004/2005


                         LARCH 252/252   Second-year Design Studio (2 studio sections)

                         HUM-306   Creative Genius – The Nature of Brilliance & Inspiration

                                    (Outlined in the Chronicle of Higher Education)

                                    Department of Landscape Architecture & Planning

                                    College of Art, Architecture and Humanities 

                                    Clemson University, Clemson, SC


            Visiting Professor — Creativity   [Associate Professor, Presidential Fellow]                  1990/1991


                        Three-Dimensional Design, Figure Sculpture, Photography, Creative Arts Survey

                        Graduate level:  The Business of Art

                                    Fine Arts Department

                                    University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC


            Adjunct Professor/Instructor — Art (surveys), Sculpture, Drawing, Poetry                     1991-1994


                        Drawing (still-life), Sculpture, Survey to the Arts & Creativity

                        Graduate level:  Poetry Writing seminar

                                    Art & Music Department

                                    Rivier College, Nashua, NH


            Courses taught and related areas of expertise


                        3-D       Sculpture (abstract, figurative, casting, fabrication, installations, conceptual)

                        2-D       Photography (film and digital), Painting (including Duett Painting), Printmaking

                        Music (arranging and performing), Poetry, Compositional Theory       


            Visiting Critic/Presenter – Photography and Studio Art


                        Haverford School, Bryn Mawr, PA                                   1999

                        Purnell School,  Pottersville, NJ                                       1976, 1985, 1995

                        Clemson University, Clemson, SC                                    1997, 1998

                        African Institute of Art, FUNDA Soweto, South Africa      1997

                        Princeton University                                                        1996

                        Williams College                                                             1995

                        Rhode Island School of Design                                         1995

                        Bradford College                                                             1994, 1998

                        College of Charleston                                                       1994

                        University of Pennsylvania                                                1993

                        University of South Carolina                                             1990, 1994

                        SUNY Albany                                                                 1992, 1993

                        Pine Manor College                                                          1987, 1989

                        Bentley College                                                               1988

                        Simon's Rock/Bard College                                               1988

                        Brandeis University                                                          1986

                        Lyme Academy of Fine Arts                                             1985, 1986

                        Emerson College                                                              1985

                        Harvard University                                                           1984, 1985

                        Mount Holyoke College                                                    1984

                        Syracuse University                                                          1983

                        Colorado College                                                              1977


            Director; Artist in Residence                                                          1974-1977

                        Arts College House,  University of Pennsylvania

                                    Founded and initiated interdisciplinary residential program at Harnwell House: 

                                    Photography, Dance, Drama, Music, Poetry, Theatre, Film, Architecture, Art.

                                            Taught Photography, Visual Composition, and Drawing (figure & still-life)



                        The Aspen Institute (Executive Seminar)  Aspen, CO           2000


            Panelist  –  Design, Aesthetics, Art & Creativity

                        Conference on World Affairs  (Univ. of Colo., Boulder)      1990-1998





            Instructor,  Photography & Visual Arts                                          1974-1976

                                    Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts

            Chair,  Performing Arts Department                                              1971-1974

                                    Purnell School  [Taught & developed 11 Performing Arts courses/programs]

            Instructor,  Visual Arts Department, Photography                            1970-1974

                                    Purnell School  [Taught & developed syllabi for 21 Studio Arts courses]

            Juror,  College Entrance Examination Board   Area: Studio Arts       1972





            Media    Video Jukebox     DeCordova Museum of Art,  Lincoln, MA               1999


            Film     David Chamberlain:  Artistry in Motion (30 min.) SC-ETV/PBS          1992


            Book     Melodic Form:  The Sculpture of David Chamberlain   (76 pgs, color) 1990 

                        David Godine, Pucker Gallery   Publishers   Boston, MA  


            Video    Search for Perfection;   (16 minutes)  FIS/Pucker Safrai Gallery          1982          

                        Award: Red Ribbon    Category: The Arts   American Film Festival, New York




All Things Considered,  National Public Radio;  Weekend Edition,  Monitor Radio & Public Radio International;   CNN Headline News, Atlanta, GA;  International News Scene,  Reuters Press International, New York/Hong Kong;  Terra Infirma,  Corp. for Public Broadcasting;   BBC World, London;   Art Scene, S. Carolina Public Radio;  Jazz Times, Blue Lakes Public Radio, Grand Rapids, MI;  Conversations with Jean Feraca,  Wisc. Public Radio, Madison, WI;  WBZ-TV  Boston, MA;  WCNY-TV  Syracuse, NY;  WNPE-TV  Watertown, NY;  WSBK-TV  Boston, MA;  KCMV/KSMT Radio, Breckinridge/Denver, CO;  WERS-Radio  Boston, MA; WXXI (NPR) Rochester, NY



         Duett of Duetts – Clemson University                                 2004-2005

                Interdisciplinary collaboration involving Fine Arts, Design (Landscape Architecture, Architecture), 

                and Performing Arts (Music). World Premier, 30 participants, 8 entities.

                90 works created.  Filmed for publication.  Research grants awarded (approx.  $67,000)


         Johannesburg, South Africa   (Artist Proof Studio)               1997

               Duetts with:  Kagiso Pat Mautloa,  Durant Sihlali,  Mmakgabo Sebidi,  Dumisane Mabaso,  Nhlanhla 

               Xaba,  Pepe Abela,  Vincent Baloyi,  Ntepe Osiah Masekwameng,  Gordon Gabashane,  Sokhaya Nkosi


            Studio Duetts  (Chamberlain Studios)                                  1995-2001

Yuji Kishimoto (Architect -- Japan/USA),  Emi Tajima (Japanese master caligrapher),   Nguyen Quynh Nhu (Vietnam),  Eduardo Chavez & Arturo Miranda (Mexican artists),  Kyi May Kaung (Burmese Poet),  Patrick Moraz (Swiss/American composer/performer),   Jingalu (Aboriginal Australian artist),  Rungsak Dokbua (Thailand),  and Americans Don Grusin (Composer/performer),   Dave Grusin (Composer/performer),   Harry Skoler  (Composer/performer),  Sarah Schneider (Dancer/choreographer),    Sally Ranney (artist/humanist),  Cleo Parker Robinson (Dancer/choreographer)


          Vietnam  (Indochina Arts Project)                                       1995

                 Fine Arts Associations in Saigon, Hue and Hanoi;  Ecole des Beaux Arts

Do Minh Tam,  Hoc Hai,  Huy Oanh,  Le Anh Van,  Le Thong,  Le Van Suu,  Manh Tuan, Mai Khanh,  Nghia Duyen,  Thuc Ban,  Tran Khan Chuong,  Tran Luong


          China (PRC) — [work in progress]                                     2001-2004, present

                Proposal for an Artistic Collaboration with China, (38 pages). 

                       Program involving ten Chinese artists, streaming on the internet, development of 210 

                       museum-quality Duett paintings for world-wide exhibition;  budget 1.1 million USD. 

                             [Preliminary trip to China in May, 2005].



            Speaker             "Man in the Arena" ,  Haverford School, Haverford, PA   2000

                                    "Architecture & Composition"  Clemson U. Dept of Architecture,  AIA Lecture  1997

                                   “Reflections on Creativity"  Am. Inst. of Architects Convention,  Highlands, NC  1994

                                    "Neurons, Notes & Sketches", Conference on Art & Mathematics    Albany, NY  1993

                                    "Music into Sculpture", Conference on Art & Mathematics    Albany, NY  1992

                                    "On the Creative Process",  Empire State Plaza Art Collection     Albany, NY  1993

                                    "Creativity and Fulfillment", Conference on Health & Spirituality    Boston, MA  1991

            Vocalist &            Cahoots  (jazz a cappella quartet)  1974 - present 

         Arranger               Album recordings: "Released" (1993) ; "Haven't We Met" (1991)


                                    All Good Children  (octet) 1972-74 

                                    Album: "All Good Children" (1980)


                                    Canto Ergo Sum  (sextet) 1971-72 

                                    Album Recording:  [Live] Princeton University Music Department


                                    The Princeton Footnotes  (double sextet) 1967-1971,  President

                                    Album recording: "Another Summer Gone" (1970)


                                    The Class of 1971 Quartet  1968 – present

                                    Various musical works, 600+ performances, teacher and studio musician

                                                Arrangements in Smithsonian Institution collection





                        Program Design – Multi-disciplinary

                                    Arts College House (Program) ; University of Pennsylvania,  Phila., PA  1975-1977

                                    Performing Arts Center (Architectural);   Purnell School,  Pottersville, NJ   1973

                                    Fine Arts Center (Architectural);   Purnell School,  Pottersville, NJ   1971, 1973



                                    Sculpture Walk Project   Univ. of South Carolina, Facilities Planning  1990/91

                                          "How to create, fund and implement a self-sufficient world-class sculpture collection"


                        Author & Composer       

                                    National Library of Poetry:  Best Poems of 1995Distinguished Poets of America

                                    Editor's Choice Award, [Poetry] 1993; A View from the Edge  [Poetry] 1991

                                    Bits & Pieces  (Musical Production)  1974  [Pseudonym: Harbrough Hogh]

                                    Various articles, essays, interviews, publications, profiles, syllabi





            Grants               Clemson Advancement Foundation, 2004;  University of Colorado, Denver, 2001; 

                                    The Aspen Institute, 2000:  Krasner-Pollack Foundation Emergency Grant, 1999; 

                                    Indochina Arts Project (Ford Foundation), 1994;  Individual Artist Grant, South Carolina 

                                    Arts Commission, 1991;  K. B. K. Foundation Grant, 1991, 1994;   High Meadow Foundation  

                                    Grant,  1990;  Ford Venture Fund Grant  [University of Pennsylvania], 1975-1977;  Haas Fund      

                                    Fellowship, 1976;  Purnell Faculty Grant, 1972, 1973


            Grants-in-kind    Kodak, Rochester, NY;  Fuji Film and Media, Columbia, SC; Papeteries Canson & 

                                     Montgolfier,  Annonay, France;  Royal Talens BV Oil Paints, Apeldoorn, Holland;  

                                     Takach Press Corp., Albuquerque, NM;  South African Airlines;  American Airlines;  

                                     Korean Airlines;  Trans World Airlines


            Selection            Who's Who:  in American Art;  in the East;  in the World


            Various              University Records, Track & Field, Princeton University        1967-1969

                                     Top Gun Award, Plum Island Ultra-light Flying Club            1992, 1993

                                      (artistic bio/resumé — per 10/1/12)

© David Chamberlain Studios 2012           Extraordinary sculptures since 1981;  Chamberlain Method paintings since 1994